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I am a 20-something student, full-time employee, living with two friends in not-so-sunny south Florida. We are broke. All the time. This blog is here to catalog our good (and failed) attempts at Good Stuff While Broke.
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View from the start off the run and the immediately after. So very, very early. #running #imissyousleep

I have moved!  But tumblr won’t let me change my main account.  Check: http://redsgonnalift.tumblr.com/

So I’ve been slow to post, but it’s for a good reason!  I recently took a promotion at work, which moved me to another location which means I spend a good portion of my day either at work or in  a vehicle.  I’m pretty excited, because this is my first supervisor position.  So far, so awesome. :)

Now, the position brought a very slight pay bump, which pretty much covers my travel expenses and gives me a smidge more room with which to buy groceries and pay for much-needed expenses (ie. car maintenance, vet visits for the mutt, cleaning supplies, etc.), but it’s presenting me a new challenge: what should I eat for lunch?

You see, I’ve always lived close enough to my job that I could easily go home if I needed to grab some food.  Now?  I live 40 minutes away, and the area I work in is affluent enough that I can’t afford to eat there consistently.  Think, nothing but Whole Foods in the plaza.

So, I’m embarking on a quest to make food that keeps, lunches that are filling and satisfying sandwiches… for under $7/day.  Because that’s my food budget for the next few weeks.  Hopefully I’ll have some good food updates in the near future!

DIY Project in the works: repairing and refinishing this nifty wall box. So far, it’s been taken apart, scrubbed and sanded. Pretty excited!

Fun fact: after July 4th, you can get fireworks and sparklers on the cheap. I highly recommend it.

Cheap eats: A basic burrito, made of ground beef, tomatoes, diced peppers and cheese. Total cost? $4/serving. Absolutely delicious!

I know, I know, all the hipsters have been finding their way to Pinterest.  Which is awesome, I’ve seen some cool stuff linked from there… but I just can’t get into it.  I tried.  I made a valiant effort.  I even spent a week trying to pin things.  All in vain.  I kept thinking, “There must be a site that works out better for me.”  As it turns out, there is!

Springpad is a pretty awesome way to find DIY projects.

The website/app that makes my DIY world go ‘round right now is Springpad.  Why is it so awesome?  Mostly because it lets me add things, then tag them in organized notebooks.  It also has an app for my phone, which is super important, because I don’t use my computer a whole lot anymore.  Except for typing blog posts and the occasional gaming session.  The user interface is also a lot more appealing to me.

To give you an idea/get you started if that’s your schtick, check out the DIY tag.  I think you’ll like what you see: http://springpad.com/#!/tag/DIY

One of the nice things about living with roommates is that you can always eat variety. Tonight’s episode of cheap cooking is kielbasa, sauerkraut, and tomatoes, cooked together with crushed red peppers for heat. Delicious and under $20 for all the ingredients? Yessir!

This is where we live. Not on the canal, but that’s on our way to the park and it’s pretty, so…there it is.